All Photo Section meetings and Photo Section activities are on hold until it is safe to resume!

On January 9, members of our Photo Section joined a group from the Coachella Valley Camera Club for a photo excursion to Dos Palmas Oasis Preserve, located just east of the Salton Sea Recreation Area on the North Shore. Arriving at sunrise, we were able to capture warm morning light in our photos. After a couple of hours hiking around the preserve, we headed for the Recreation Area and captured some photos at the Salton Sea shore. Click on image for a slideshow of some of the pictures taken by attendees


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This page is dedicated to the Photo Section of the CV Hiking Club.

This group was formed within the CVHC to provide a forum for improving hikers’ photographic skills for all levels of proficiency and types of cameras. Photographic hikes are scheduled at a slower pace than regular hikes to allow members’ sharing of skills and techniques. We also conduct hands-on sessions that concentrate on narrow topics with a very small group and experienced facilitator.

Outside experts are invited to many of our meetings to share their photos, experience and points of view. A highlight of our meetings is the viewing and critiquing of members’ nature photos. If you are a member of the CVHC and would like to participate in the Photo Section, please use the Contact link above.

Here are some of the photos Gordon Taubenheim has taken in the past couple of years with our Photo Section group.