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Bob and Cathy Cresko
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We were bitten by the mountain spirit in our late 20's on a cross-country trip to see every major national park in two weeks. A ranger in Glacier NP told us that the only way to really see a national park was to walk on a trail away from roads. We did what he suggested and haven't stopped hiking since. We're snowbirds from the East, New York to be exact, where the highest mountains near us are about 1,500 ft. We live at sea level. When we need to train for a mountain excursion, we climb Bear Mountain three or four times in a day. Bob likes to peak bag and loves the mountains and deserts here in the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas. His present goal is to finish the PCT and remains undeterred by the realization that it will, at his present annual mileage, require 132 more years to complete. Cathy puts up with the peak-bagging thing but focuses more on the journey. It's a joy for us to show hikers a new trail or perhaps an old trail from a new perspective. There is always time to stop at a viewpoint or check out an unfamiliar plant or critter. We both enjoy traveling and combine that with hiking, sampling the local cuisine, and visiting art museums wherever we go.

Indian Canyons


Indian Canyons

Location 2

Palm Springs


Jan 29 2020


9:00 AM


Indian Canyon Entrance fee


Moderate Hike


A popular trail in the Indian Canyons offering a path through a spectacular fern forrest when water and weather allow. This trail can be lengthen by adding a loop or continuing on to connecting trails for those with energy to burn. We will be doing the full loop option today!

3.5 Miles – 6 Miles depending on route with Elevation gain of 800 ft.


HIKE LOCATOR: PalmSprings, Indian Canyons      HIKE DIFFICULTY: Moderate

HIKE LEADER:Cathy and Bob Cresko


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