This From Ron Chang-3-12-2019

Will you share this bit of info with the club for me please, Hit The Ladder Canyon Trail In Painted Canyon As Soon As You Can…Ron

After coming out of the slot and making your way to the ridge line, make the usual journey to the wash and then down the two 

ladders to complete the circuit…I seriously doubt the flower show will get better than it is now.  Ghost Flowers in huge numbers,

Sand Blazing Stars also.  Creosote Bushes green and flowering, Brittle Bush the same, Desert Marigolds, Little Gold Poppy’s, Desert Poppy’s,

Lupine’s galore, mixed in with all of the other colors.  Yellow Cups, Rock Daisy’s, Bladder Pods, Desert Mallow, Chuparosa, and a few

blooming Ocotillo. Yes, color to the max, have never witnessed such a wealth of blooms on this hike…ever. Take advantage of this as

soon as you are able  



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