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Misty   Carlson

Misty is relatively new to the hiking club and the Coachella Valley. A transplant from Iowa, Bucks Country Pennsylvania, Florida and San Diego . . . she moved to this area over a year ago . . . primarily for the hiking! She loves exploring new trails, finding the unexpected, and "jabberwalking" (fast paced hiking while talking simultaneously). When not hiking she is probably eating, thinking about eating, planning what she is going to eat, and convincing others that they should be eating it too! You get the picture. She considers herself the Studs Terkel of the female world . . . working as an advertising copywriter, a cabinetmaker, an antique dealer, and an interior decorator. Her last meaningful method of employment was as a cheesemonger. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is her sincere wish that everyone enjoy each and every hike . . . and every sandwich!

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