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Elwyn  Mandry

A native of the British Isles, Elwyn moved to Canada in 1975 as a first step to see the world. He was raised playing rugby but an injury led to eye surgery and forced him to switch to competitive squash and distance running. Subsequent knee surgery forced another switch, this time to low impact sports and so hiking and biking now satisfy his love for the outdoors. An experienced hiker in the Canadian Rockies, Elwyn is comfortable on ice and snow as well as scrambling high up on mountainsides. Although a risk taker, safety is a very high priority for him, as well as having fun on the trails. He and his wife, Helen, have two married children and are eager to become grandparents. Although Calgary, Alberta is their primary hiking home, they eagerly return to the Valley each fall for its wonderful outdoor opportunities. They also love to travel and recently spent 7 weeks touring South America. Elwyn also spent a month motor cycling in India.

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