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Daniel Coleman has been hiking on his own and with clubs in the Coachella Valley and nearby areas for over 10 years. He has participated in many hikes as sweep and enjoys mapping and tracking the hikes as well. Back home in Washington State, Dan hiked and camped over many years with family and friends in the deserts in Eastern Washington and in the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges. As a serviceman in the Air Force, he enjoyed some hiking in the Phillipines, eastern France, Germany, and Austria. Dan's experience includes marine navigation and sailboat racing as well as search and rescue for the Olympia Harbor Patrol and the Civil Air Patrol. Dan retired from practice after 40 years as a physical therapist and enjoys leading hikes here in the desert. Dan has developed 7 hikes in and around Joshua Tree National Park during which he relates historical tales of adventure and misadventure at these sites. When you discover an old cabin or mine while hiking in the desert, it likely holds a story of adventure from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Join Dan on his hikes to hear what happened in seven of these different locations!


Mecca-Painted Cyn Trailhead
Mecca-Painted Cyn Trailhead



Feb 13 2024


8:30 AM


Moderate Hike,
Pace of Hike: Medium


Even though this hike is rated moderate, it has its challenges.  The beginning of the canyon requires either crawling through a small short tunnel or walking a catwalk about 10 feet long while holding onto the cliff wall to reach the opening of the ladders canyon.  (Kids love this!)

There are several dry waterfalls that must be climbed using ladders.  Narrow slot canyons open to wider higher canyons leading to an overlook ridge with a view of the Salton Sea.  After proceeding up the ridge for approximately a mile, we drop down into the Big Painted Canyon and wind our way back to the parking lot about two miles away.

Time posted is meet-up time in Indio, to be emailed by hike leader few days before hike.  3+ mile ride from paved road over washboard dirt road with some sand, so four-wheel drive preferred.  Other drivers may have some room.  Usual car pool fee from Indio to Mecca.

4.4 miles, 820 foot elevation gain.

Hiker Limit:                10
Hike Difficulty:           Moderate
Time:                             4 hours

Please email or text Daniel  as late as 7:30 pm evenings to go over details and sign up for this hike. 

Email: [email protected]

Cellphone: 360-481-1477

HIKE LEADER: Daniel Coleman

HIKE LOCATOR: Mecca Chocolate Mountains


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