Ken McDowell


Ken McDowell

This is my third winter in Palm Springs. I like to make friends exploring the great outdoors-the more remote the better. In my career as an Oil and Gas Exploration geologist, I have led many excursions to remote geologic sites. My passion is environmental education, including my specialty-geology. It’s a curse; I cannot look at beautiful scenery without wondering how it got there.


Coachella Valley History Museum
82616 Miles Avenue, Indio, CA


Feb 20 2023


1:00 PM


Speaker Series Meeting

Coachella Valley Museum of History

Join Hike Leader Ken McDowell for a special tour of the Coachella Valley Museum of History. In addition to a docent-led tour of the Museum, Ken will discuss the geologic timeline of the Valley. Ken’s geology-oriented hikes and events have been popular events with members.

Permanent exhibitions of the Museum include an eclectic collection of Mexican folk art, a historical overview of the world’s oldest cultivated crop – the date palm, and a 1909 Indio schoolhouse. Dinner at the very popular TBK Deli to follow the tour. TBK will reserve a room for us that holds up to 25 people. 


        1:00 PM  Docent-led tour of the Museum

        4:00 PM No-host dinner at TKB Deli Lunch. Members order directly from the menu.  


         Coachella Valley History Museum, 82616 Miles Avenue, Indio

          TKB Bakery & Deli, 45334 Golf Center Parkway, Indio

Contact Ken McDowell with any questions and to sign-up for this event. Please note there is an admission fee of $6 for entry to the Museum.

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