Andrew Walls
Andrew Walls
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Andrew is a full time resident of Palm Desert who actually hikes during the summer! Andrew is an avid hiker and backpacker who can be found strolling on and off trails throughout the Coachella Valley, Joshua Tree NP and Grand Canyon NP. In addition to his participation in CVHC activities, Andrew is a Certified California Naturalist and a hike leader with Friends of the Desert Mountains. Prior to moving to the CV in 2017, Andrew was a team leader with the Nevada County Sheriff's Search and Rescue team in Northern California.


La Quinta Cove
La Quinta Cove



Mar 02 2024


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Easy Hike,
Moderate Hike,
Pace of Hike: Medium,
Training Series

FULL!!! Field Navigation 101 in La Quinta Cove

In this introductory event we will learn the essential skills and knowledge that will enable you to:

  • Never get lost
  • Find your way when you are lost

This will be a field event set in La Quinta Cove. During the course we will cover ~4 miles of trails in the LQC basin (we will follow the ‘Raven Hill Loop’). We will cover:

  • Preparing for a hike
  • Using a map in the field
  • Finding North, South, East and West without a compass or GPS
  • Figuring out where you are without a GPS
  • Plotting a route back

You don’t need to bring anything to this session other than your usual pack contents (10 essentials). Maps will be provided, but feel free to bring maps that you already use or want to use in the field.

Below is a description of the trail we will use:

This easy ramble around the trails on the floor of La Quinta Cove will follow the Boo Hof and then take a right turn to loop around Raven Hill to follow the Bear Creek wash back to the trailhead. Along this 4.4 mile walk we will enjoy views over the Cove neighborhood and the wilds of the Santa Rosa mountains towering over the Cove. We will chat about the impact of flash floods and the transition of vegetation as we move from the floor of the wash and up onto the plateau surrounding Raven Hill. 

The trail is well-defined and no rock scrambling or climbing is involved. There is a gradual uphill slope for the first half of the walk as we ascend ~600 feet over 2 miles.

There is no shade on this trail, so protect your skin and bring the ten essentials. The Cove can be a bit breezy so wear layers to help you stay warm.

Map here:

  • Altitude gain: 600 feet  (Start 299, Top 864‘) 
  • Cumulative altitude gain: 622 feet
  • Distance: 4.4 miles
  • Pace: 1.5 MPH, 3 hours
  • Terrain: deep sand, packed sand, minimal steps up and down
  • Obstacles: nothing significant
  • Difficulty rating:  Easy to Moderate

Please email Andrew to sign up for this hike and include your phone number.

HIKE LEADER:  Andrew Walls
HIKE LOCATOR:  La Quinta Cove Oasis trailhead, corner of Avenida Bermudas and Calle Tecate, La Quinta (the big dirt/gravel parking area)
HIKE DIFFICULTY:  Easy to Moderate
HIKE DATE/TIME: Saturday, March 2, 2024  09:00-12:00

Note: You must be a current CVHC member to hike with the club!   Join Now!


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