Gary Ward provided an overview of trail status as of September 25, 2023.

“I have not gone out to Ladders yet. With our heat, weather, and air quality, limited outside movement.

I have hiked the Badlands Trail and The Pushwalla Palms Trail. There is damage on both. A lot of cosmetic and heavier cosmetic on most of the trails, but also there are some serious areas on both. There are some really hazardous areas on the Pushwalla loop. The sections of Pushwalla going down in the canyon have been rearranged, with Car Wreck Canyon being back to what it was 10 years ago. No identifiable trail, only rock scrambling. And in the Preserve, there is a lot of damage, with most of the walkway torn up.

Gordon, Richard Shonerd, and myself have worked on Randall Henderson,  Mumawit, and this coming Tuesday we will hit the Homme Adams.  That is the extent of the trail maintenance we have done so far.

Look forward to the season starting and getting more done with more help.”

Thanks for the update, Gary!