Andrew Walls
Andrew Walls

Andrew is a full time resident of Palm Desert who actually hikes during the summer! Andrew is an avid hiker and backpacker who can be found strolling on and off trails throughout the Coachella Valley, Joshua Tree NP and Grand Canyon NP. In addition to his participation in CVHC activities, Andrew is a Certified California Naturalist and a hike leader with Friends of the Desert Mountains. Prior to moving to the CV in 2017, Andrew was a team leader with the Nevada County Sheriff's Search and Rescue team in Northern California.


Cove to Lake Trailhead
Cove to Lake Trailhead
Avenida Bermudas and Calle Tecate, La Quinta, CA 92253



Jun 21 2024


8:30 PM - 10:00 PM


Easy Hike

FULL MOON HIKE- La Quinta Cove

Beat the heat and hike by moonlight!

This easy hike will start at 8:30 PM just after moonrise at 8:20 PM. We will follow a simple loop trail covering ~2 miles and lasting an hour and a half. Although the moon will illuminate our path, you should bring a headlamp and a backup light source (flashlight). If we are lucky we will hear Great Horned Owls calling and coyotes howling.

Bring the usual hiking gear (ten essentials), including some water and snacks. I find hiking poles particularly helpful on night hikes as I can test the footing before I take a step into the unknown. The trail surface varies a bit from packed sand to rock to loose sand. No climbing is involved and no boulder 

We will meet near the restroom in the BIG parking lot at the corner of Avenida Bermudas and Calle Tecate, not the small parking lot at the Bear Creek Oasis trailhead.  If you don’t know what Andrew looks like, look for the white haired guy dressed in orange and red.

A map is available here:

  • Altitude gain: 252 feet  (Start 298′, Top 550‘) 
  • Cumulative altitude gain: 308 feet
  • Distance: 2.9 miles
  • Pace: 2.0o MPH, 1.5 hours
  • Terrain: deep sand, packed sand, some steps up and down
  • Obstacles: nothing significant
  • Difficulty rating:  Easy

Please email Andrew to sign up for this hike and include your phone number.

HIKE LEADER:  Andrew Walls
HIKE LOCATOR:  La Quinta Cove Oasis trailhead, corner of Avenida Bermudas and Calle Tecate, La Quinta (the big dirt/gravel parking area with a restroom)
HIKE DIFFICULTY:  Easy to Moderate
HIKE DATE/TIME: Saturday, June 21, 2024  20:30-22:00 (8:30 PM to 10:00 PM)

Note: You must be a current CVHC member to hike with the club!   Join Now!

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