Jan 03 2020


7:30 AM - 12:00 PM


Easy Hike

Trail Maintenance

Jan 3, 2020

Special note from Gordon:

Pop up Trail day! Yep, we’re going to sneak in a trail day that’s not on our usual Tuesday. There is a large boulder across the South Lykken trail in Palm Springs (about midway between the two picnic table areas). Hikers are making their way around it, but we would like to trim some of it off so horses can safely pass. We are going to meet at the South Lykken trailhead (North)this Friday (January 3) at 7:30am. This will involve about a 3 mile hike and the use of some heavy equipment (hammers, rock bars etc). This is the North Trailhead that is off Mesquite ave off Highway 111 before you get to downtown Palm Springs. (Near the Taquitz Canyon visitors center) After you turn on to Mesquite Ave, be sure to park before you reach Belardo Road. Street parking is restricted from there to the mountain.(about 2 blocks) Let me know if you can come so I can be properly equipped. Hope to see you all soon, and have a Happy, Happy New Year!!

If you would like to be on our Trail Crew email distribution, please contact either Robert Kwok 442-666-4604

or Gordon Fidler 760-2197525